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Simply Supple Hair Polish

Simply Supple Hair Polish

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The Simply Supple hair polish has multiple benefits for both the hair and the scalp.  Key features:

  1. Smoothing the hair cuticle: The hair polish helps in smoothing the outer layer of the hair, known as the cuticle. When the cuticle is smooth, the hair appears healthier and shinier.

  2. Providing nourishment to the scalp: A nourished scalp is essential for maintaining healthy hair. By using the Simply Supple hair polish, the scalp receives the necessary nutrients, which can contribute to overall hair health.

  3. Lightweight moisture: The hair polish provide moisture without weighing the hair down. This is particularly beneficial for those with fine or thin hair who want to avoid products that can make their hair feel heavy or greasy.

  4. Decreasing frizz: Frizz can be a common concern for many people, especially in humid or dry conditions. The hair polish helps to reduce frizz, allowing the hair to appear smoother and more manageable.

  5. Enhancing shine: Shine is often associated with healthy-looking hair. The hair polish helps enhance the hair's natural shine, giving it a lustrous and glossy appearance.

 Simply Supple hair polish is a versatile product that addresses various hair concerns, providing lightweight moisture, frizz control, and enhanced shine while nourishing the scalp.

    Directions: Use as a styling aid to protect hair during silk thermal styling as well as a hair food to protect tress from being dry.

    Ingredients: Jojoba (simmondsia chinensis), Blackseed (nigella sativa) , Baoba (adansonia digitata), Broccoli (brassica oleracea), Pequi (caryocar braziensis)wheat germ (triticm vulgare) and sweet almond (prunus dulcis)

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